I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend and had a good observance of Memorial Day. Plum Line will be back to normal tomorrow, with Greg refreshed and back to his usual blogging. Meanwhile, a little bit of good stuff to tide you over:

1. Purging the rolls in Florida. I have no idea what the eventual effect of Republican efforts to reduce voting particular will wind up accomplishing, but it really is a disgrace.

2. Good post by Dan Larison on campaign rhetoric about foreign policy and actions in the White House.

3. Paul Krugman on fiscal phonies.

4. Andrew Sprung: a false choice between hope and fear.

5. Those interested in the speculation I was doing earlier today about the economy should read what Jared Bernstein said about it, comparing the effects of Europe and oil prices. I’ll only add, again, that there’s a large margin of error on any economic forecasts.

6. More economics: Matt Yglesias on mobility in the modern economy.

7. How should reporters cover birthers and other fringe — or not so fringe — cranks? Mary Winter considers.

8. The Monkey Cage has links to studies of veterans in politics.

9. Timothy Noah on a long-ago and little-known documentary – by John Huston – about the effects of World War II on the mental health of veterans.

10. And watch the film, “Let There Be Light” (1946), now restored and available.