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Happy Hour Roundup

I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend and had a good observance of Memorial Day. Plum Line will be back to normal tomorrow, with Greg refreshed and back to his usual blogging. Meanwhile, a little bit of good stuff to tide you over:

1. Purging the rolls in Florida. I have no idea what the eventual effect of Republican efforts to reduce voting particular will wind up accomplishing, but it really is a disgrace.

2. Good post by Dan Larison on campaign rhetoric about foreign policy and actions in the White House.

3. Paul Krugman on fiscal phonies.

4. Andrew Sprung: a false choice between hope and fear.

5. Those interested in the speculation I was doing earlier today about the economy should read what Jared Bernstein said about it, comparing the effects of Europe and oil prices. I’ll only add, again, that there’s a large margin of error on any economic forecasts.

6. More economics: Matt Yglesias on mobility in the modern economy.

7. How should reporters cover birthers and other fringe — or not so fringe — cranks? Mary Winter considers.

8. The Monkey Cage has links to studies of veterans in politics.

9. Timothy Noah on a long-ago and little-known documentary – by John Huston – about the effects of World War II on the mental health of veterans.

10. And watch the film, “Let There Be Light” (1946), now restored and available.

The Freddie Gray case

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