* New Post polling shows Mitt Romney is narrowing the favorability gap between him an Obama, yet another sign that the GOP primary may not have damaged him as much as Dems hoped.

* And a dive into the poll shows that Romney’s gains are being driven by Obama’s slippage among women, perhaps suggesting that Dems can’t be too confident in that gender gap.

* The anti-Scott Walker forces are aggressively disputing that Marquette poll showing Walker with a sizable lead, pointing that it shows him winning 18 percent of Dems, and overperforming with independents.

* Kelly Steele, a spokesman for the labor-backed We Are Wisconsin, emails:

“Anyone who thinks Scott Walker will win 1 in 6 Democrats or be +15 with Independents on June 5th is smoking crack.”

* But National Journal polling guru Steven Shepard explains why he thinks some of the Dem criticism of the poll may not add up.

* Good Reuters scoop: It looks like Romney favored government “picking winners and losers” in the private sector when he was Governor of Massachusetts, which Dems will use to push back on the GOP “public equity” attack.

* Jed Lewison on Romney’s scapegoating of government employees: If we fire 140,000 public sector workers, it will help put Americans back to work.

* Great catch by Steve Benen: Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, without apparent irony, is also defending Romney’s Massachusetts jobs record by arguing that Romney inherited a “recession” and an economy that was “losing thousands of jobs a month.” Steve notes:

Given that the fight over job creation and economic growth is central to the entire presidential race, Team Romney’s new claim/standard is arguably the most important campaign story of the day. After all, Romney has spent two years arguing that this standard isn’t good enough for the president, but apparently it is good enough for himself.

As always, this will not get any real scrutiny from news orgs, even though it’s central to Romney’s entire case for the presidency.

* Indeed, as Jonathan Cohn notes, Romney’s latest exercise in dishonesty goes directly to the heart of the comparison of the two men’s records as job creators, which is rather relevant in this campaign.

* The Obama camp releases a long memo detailing its case against Romney’s Massachusetts jobs record, an argument that’s now critical to efforts to undermine presumptions of Romney’s economic confidence.

* Steve Kornacki has an illuminating look at the real goals of the Obama camp’s “Massachusetts assault,” and digs into what history tells us about what makes attacks on gubernatorial records work.

* The GOP foreign policy establishment is uneasy about Romney’s excessive chest thumping and odd statements about Russia — perhaps a reflection of GOP confusion and division on national security.

* And today in conservative media: Even right leaning bloggers are appalled at Fox News’ new documentary devoted to attacking Obama, and wonder how it squares with Fox being a news organization.

What else?