1. Jonathan Cohn has what you want: a rundown on the possible decisions coming from the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act. Clip and save.

2. Today’s must-read is about how health care reform  intersects with the people lining up for treatment at one Tennessee clinic. Terrific reporting by Alec MacGillis.

3. There’s apparently some right-wing talking point about Barack Obama’s (mythical, of course) frequent foreign vacations that Ann Romney tapped into. Steve M. opens up on Romney’s vacation options.

4. Speaking of talking points, and actually substance, Adam Serwer has an excellent post responding to Republican responses to Obama’s quasi-DREAM move from Friday.

5. I’d be very, very cautious of any interpretations of single polls, but it’s worth checking out Francis Wilkinson’s speculation about Latino voters and the winner of the 2012 election.

6. And more on that subject from Matt Taylor. The key point is the one about mobilization as an important potential consequence of this decision.

7. This could be important: Justin Elliott reports on just how many civilian casualties were actually caused by United States drone strikes.

8. Good point by Ed Kilgore about Romney’s tax lack-of-plans, and how his claim that he’ll defer to Congress to make changes that won’t affect the tax load of the wealthy is wildly inconsistent with what Republicans in Congress actually want to do.

9. Fred Hiatt calls Republicans out for flipping on campaign finance disclosure. Absolutely correct: I’m not much of a reformer when it comes to campaign finance, but I agree completely with the good government types about disclosure.

10. Is Wikipedia biased? Suzy Khimm reports on a new study that suggests it may be, although note her caveats.

11. And what political science can tell us about football and the Greek election, from Erik Voeten.

What else?