* The Romney camp cuts off a conference call with reporters once the topic turns to immigration. Tomorrow Romney will speak to Latino elected officials — will he take a stand on Obama’s new policy?

* David Corn on Romney’s chronic case of “Romnesia” about his own past. I’d only add that he’s trying to induce the same state among milions of Americans about the history of the last five years.

* Philip Rucker on the history behind that now-infamous photo of Romney-as-grinning-plutocrat, and what it says about the real goal of his Bain “job creation” work. Key detail:

Romney did not want to risk his position or reputation at Bain & Co. with what he considered an experiment, so he privately negotiated a sort of golden parachute with Bill Bain. If Bain Capital failed, Romney was guaranteed to return to his former consulting job and receive his old salary — plus any raises he had missed.

* Ed Kilgore asks whether Republicans wouldn’t be better off if SCOTUS upholds Obamacare, since it won’t mean pressure on them to say what they’d, you know, replace it with, if anything.

* A House panel votes to hold Eric Holder in contempt over Fast and Furious, but Kevin Drum says that while today’s developments are a bit troubling about Holder, they ultimately are just political theater.

* Obama criticized Bush for invoking executive privelege, as he now has, but the White House responds that Obama resorted to the tactic far later than his predecessors.

* John Farrell: Obama’s executive privilege move is the latest “sign of Obama’s willingness to employ his presidential authority to circumvent Republican hostility and intransigence.”

* Steve Benen notes that Republicans claiming the executive privilege move suggests White House involvement in Fast and Furious aren’t exactly familiar with the legal nuances the tactic entails.

* Romney and his super PAC allies are sinking still more cash into ads highlighting Obama’s “doing fine” line. This will be central to painting him as out of touch with people’s economic suffering for the duration.

* Predictions of a Romney win in Wisconsin seem to have bumped up against a new poll showing Obama leading there by six and enjoying a 52 percent approval rating.

* And the rant of the day: Michael Tomasky uncorks a good one in the direction of his conservative readers.

What else?