* Great read from Jonathan Chait on the fact that will not come through in the coverage if SCOTUS strikes down the mandate: Much of Obamacare is still likely to stay in place.

* Adam Serwer boils down Mitt Romney’s immigration speech:

Romney to Latinos: Pay no attention to that man from the GOP primary

Read the whole thing for a look at how it was “just vague enough to give the impression that Romney has moderated on immigration policy without making an actual commitment to any policy changes.”

* Mark Murray cuts to the core of Romney’s evasion on Obama’s anti-deportation policy.

* Nice Steve Kornacki piece on the interpretations of the economy each campaign is pushing on swing voters, and on how the interpretation that prevails will decide who is the next president.

* Paul Krugman, on the Fed’s big punt:

I’m sorry, but this looks like pure concession to political intimidation — a Fed refusing to do anything that would let Republicans accuse it of helping Obama. And for the sake of its own political comfort, the Fed is essentially betraying the unemployed. All in all, the degree of elite failure in this crisis is just stunning.

* Ezra Klein gets a great quote from constitutional scholar Akhil Reid Amar, on what it’ll mean if the court strikes down the mandate:

“If they decide this by 5-4, then yes, it’s disheartening to me, because my life was a fraud. Here I was, in my silly little office, thinking law mattered, and it really didn’t. What mattered was politics, money, party, and party loyalty.”

* Post fact checker Glenn Kessler with a very tough four-pinnochio takedown of Obama’s ad attacking Romney as an outsourcer and “corporate raider.”

* Ben Adler finds that the suggestion that business experience prepares you for the presidency doesn’t exactly stand up to historical scrutiny. Key point: Romney has never even convincingly explained why this would be the case.

* Jonathan Cohn on the history of conservative opposition to the mandate, which dates, magically enough, back to the moment when opposition to Obamacare became an unavoidable fact of our political life.

* Sam Stein scoops Obama’s campaign lawyer intensifying the battle with Karl Rove and Crossroads by alleging potential coordination with the Romney campaign.

* And I’m not sure how many more columns Tom Friedman can write calling on Obama to support an agenda he already supports, but his commitment to this pet cause only appears to be intensifying by the day.

What else?