* Random thought: With Mitt Romney’s vow in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to make this election about repealing Obamacare, we’re now about to fight the battle over the law a third time.

First: The fight over passage. Second: The fight over Constitutionality. And, now, third: An election that will be at least partly about whether to repeal a law that was passed by a democratically elected president and Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court.

* And indeed, the House GOP is set to vote to repeal the law on July 11th, even though such a vote won’t make any difference.

* Alec MacGillis rightly notes that Obama and Dems need to pivot off the SCOTUS ruling and get serious about finally selling the law to the American people — hard.

* Video montage of the day: Jed Lewison matches up Obama’s and Romney’s statements about today’s SCOTUS decision, which neatly demonstrates who’s going forward, and who would go backward.

* Earlier today I questioned the right’s argument that the decision narrowing the commerce clause really restricted federal power. An expert makes a good case to Jonathan Cohn that the argument is bogus.

* More from Adam Serwer: The bottom line is that the ruling affirmed government’s power to tax inactivity, and therefore, to regulate it.

* Brad Plumer talks to other experts on both sides of the argument over the commerce clause, but this, from one of them, seems the most persuasive:

“If Congress ever does need to mandate purchase of a product or service again, it can impose a tax for failing to buy it.”

Or, to put it another way: “They can’t make you eat broccoli, but they can tax you for not eating it.”

* Digby posts video of Ronald Reagan blasting Medicare as a threat to American liberty as we know it, and reminds us that Republicans have been warning of creeping socialism for many decades now.

* E.J. Dionne rightly notes that we need to fully grasp the Medicaid portion of the ruling, which could deprive untold numbers of people of insurance, before getting too celebratory.

* Will GOP governors use the ruling to opt out of the Medicare expansion? Nancy Pelosi predicts they won’t deprive their own constituents in that fashion, but as David Dayen notes, Dems “constantly underestimate GOP ideological intransigence.”

* Key from Stephen Stromberg: The court rescued us from the policy hell that would have unfolded if we’d had to suddenly reverse implementation of the law. Talk about a bullet dodged.

* And it’s Nancy Pelosi’s day, too: As Steve Benen notes, few have worked as long and hard as she has to bring us to where we are today.

What else?