1. Must-read of the day: Marc Ambinder’s scoop on Barack Obama’s possible plans for focusing on the war on drugs if he’s reelected – and what he’d be up against if he follows up on it.

2. “Conservatives Still Freaking Out Over Roberts’ Vote.” Nice reporting from Adam Serwer.

3. Interesting essay from Andrew Sullivan about John Roberts and conservatives vs. movement conservatives.

4. John Sides on the (minimal) effects on public opinion of the Supreme Court decision.

5. Tax? Penalty? Whatever; it’s going to apply to about 1.2 percent of the population who will be subject to whatever it is that happens as a result of the individual mandate. CBPP’s Paul N. Van de Water reports.

6. Stephen Stromberg: What’s wrong with taxes, anyway? A nice point about tax paranoia among voters – and politicians.

7. Foreign policy? What foreign policy? Dan Drezner suggests that Mitt Romney find himself something more than vague phrases and fact-free put-downs. Prediction: Romney will do no such thing.

8. Ed Kilgore considers Bobby Jindal’s latest experiments in educational vouchers – and what it means about Romney’s education plans.

9. Has the money spent on coal carbon capture been wasted? Brad Plumer explains.

10. An important post by Harold Pollack about home health care workers.

11. Scott Lemieux hits it about surprising naïve liberals, in this case in the context of health care reform:

Plans to transform American domestic politics that involve heroic presidential daddies imposing major social change on powerful interests by sheer force of will are indistinguishable from having no plan at all.

12. And Suzy Khimm on the economy, “uncertainty,” and the health care ruling.