Tomorrow is jobs day. A quick comment: On the one hand, yes, the state of the economy is really important to the outcome of the presidential election. On the other hand, remember that unemployment is only one economic indicator, and there’s good evidence that it’s not the most important one (for the election, that is). Also remember that the initial number reported tomorrow could be revised substantially in either direction. Pay attention to it by all means, but the recent frenzy about it is still overstated.

Until then, lots of good stuff:

1. Which states are most likely to resist Medicaid expansion? The ones with the highest rates without insurance. Brian Beutler reports.

2. Ed Kilgore makes a good point about GOP opposition to Medicaid expansion: It’s not primarily, or perhaps even significantly, about the effect on state budgets.

3. And will Democratic governors resist Medicaid expansion? David Dayen looks at the evidence so far.

4. Stacy Dean for the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities makes the case for SNAP, the food stamps program.

5. Steve Benen’s chart vs. Rush Limbaugh: I think it’s a TKO for the chart.

6. Harold Pollack notes that Michigan (Republican) governor Rick Snyder vetoed a voter ID bill there – and it’s worth noting that Republicans aren’t all trying to restrict the franchise.

7. Does universal health care restrict freedom? Or, as Mickey Kaus argues, is it essential for economic freedom? If that’s right — and I think it is — then some sort of universal coverage and laws enforcing it is analogous to traffic lights and speed limits: minor restrictions on freedom that are necessary to ensure more substantive, real freedom.

8. Jonathan Chait on why Mitt Romney should ignore Republicans who are beating on him for lacking specifics and handling health care wrong.

9. Irin Carmon reports on what’s happening with abortion restrictions in Kenya after Americans tried to intervene there.

10. Want to understand LIBOR? Dylan Matthews has an explainer.

11. E.J. Graff updates on the Justice Department’s efforts to take on DOMA.

12. Shani O. Hilton on Mayberry.

13. And a little American history for you on a fairly quiet news day: Erik Loomis reviews Richard Slotkin’s new book about Lincoln and McClellan.