1. I’ll start with a really nice Paul Krugman post about the effects of tax cuts — and why the Republican position just doesn’t make much sense, at least from an economics point of view.

2. Nate Cohn on the tax cut debate that Barack Obama started today: “That’s why Romney evades specific policy debates: Dissatisfaction with the President is the only message that unifies the voters he needs.”

3. Jonathan Cohn suggests a possible compromise on taxes, not that anyone on either side is really looking for one at the moment.

4. Health-care implementation: Must-read by Sarah Kliff about the slow adoption of Medicaid by the states in the 1960s, 1970s and even 1980s and what it might mean for health-care reform now.

5. Although David Atkins doesn’t think Republicans will go for it.

6. And an interesting step-back-and-think post from Ed Kilgore about liberals and federalism.

7. Dave Weigel reports on what’s going on with the voter purge in Florida.

8. Adam Peck notes that Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz, fighting a tough primary run-off, is all over the (mythical) threat of Sharia law.

9. While Republicans would really be better off just avoiding talking about slavery, I suspect. But they love it, as Steve Benen reports.

10. John Sides: “The Republican Party Has Left Richard Posner (in one graph).”

11. Great piece by Greg Marx about how the press should cover policy promises.

12. Jamelle Bouie on the tax cuts debate — he argues that it’s bad for Romney now, but that for the Democrats it’s good politics, but not good policy.

13. One of mine: I consider the mendacity involved in the Republican position on Medicare.

14. I’m following up there on a really excellent Jackie Calmes story over the weekend.

15. And this was the most fun July 4th thing I saw last week, and you’ll still enjoy it today. At least if you care about Andy Griffith. Or Elvis.