* CBS poll: Mitt Romney is leading Obama 47-46, a statistical dead heat. Obama’s approval numbers on the economy are terrible at 39-55, and Romney has the edge on the issue 49-41.

* But: 53 percent say Romney’s policies favor the rich, versus only 11 percent who say they favor the middle class and 30 percent who say all groups equally.

* And: 81 percent say George Bush’s policies contributed a lot or some to the downturn, while 64 percent say the same about Obama (which, despite the Bush number, is awful for the president).

The Pollster.com average has Obama up by 46.5 to 44.

* Are Obama’s favorability ratings slipping? Josh Marshall charts it, and remember, this is supposed to be Obama’s strong suit despite struggling approval numbers.

* Tax expert Edward Kleinbard digs into all the things that could be hiding in Romney’s tax returns.

* Must read from Jacob Weisberg on why Romney can’t talk about what happened at Bain.

* Jon Chait on the “didn’t build that” lie and the conservative policy argument underlying it, i.e., that the rich should see their tax burden fall, rather than rise .

* Steve Benen rightly gives props to John McCain for standing up to his own party’s Islamophobia.

* Tough piece by James Downie on why Obama is not an enthusiastically pro-worker president, and what he could do in order to be one.

* David Dayen on how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is getting real results for consumers, which is a big boon to Elizabeth Warren, who built the thing.

* A Fox News poll finds that a majority thinks government is the problem. But:

At the same time, by a 10-point margin voters are more likely to support than oppose tax increases on high-income earners. Most Democrats (75 percent) and independents (62 percent) support tax increases on wealthy Americans, while most Republicans oppose the idea (71 percent).

* And a nice one from Buzzfeed: “New Romney video omits passage apparently agreeing with Obama.”

What else?