* Dave Weigel has a nice anatomy of the bogus “didn’t build that” tale and how it went from righty blogs to Fox to Romney’s chief attack line, another reminder of the power of GOP-right wing media coordination.

Good line about Obama: “Like Lenin, like Marx, like Big Brother, he wants to raise the marginal tax rate on income over $250,000.”

* Obama’s key line to Florida seniors today:

“It’s wrong to ask seniors to pay more for Medicare just so millionaires and billionaires can pay less in taxes.”

The question now is whether voters can be made to believe that this is what Romney and Ryan would actually do.

* Excellent news: Elizabeth Warren is being considered for the keynote speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention, a logical choice, given the campaign Obama is running.

* Joe Klein on why Bain does matter, and why it’s fair game to associate Romney with Bain’s continued approach, which was all about thinking short term and maximizing returns for investors.

* Dylan Byers can’t get the Romney campaign to comment on or justify its highly deceptive editing in the “didn’t build that” video.

* Ezra Klein on the larger media failings at play in the dust-up over the bogus Romney video, and the larger debate it hints at that should be taking place.

* The Obama campaign response to the Romney video with a video of its own dramatizing that the two men agree on the banal point that businesses rely to some degree on government.

* Michael O’Brien details just how heavy a burden the economy has become for Obama; Romney’s ability to keep it close despite the Bain onslaught is a sign of how difficult Obama’s travails have become.

* Romney advisers and surrogates have been struggling to explain his Afghanistan policies, prompting this sobering thought from Steve Benen:

For the record, the presidential election is less than four months away. Romney is headed abroad. We’re in the midst of the longest war in American history. Isn’t it a little odd that we have no idea what the candidate intends to do in Afghanistan and members of his own team can’t speak about the subject in complete sentences?

* And Jed Lewison has the latest tax-return spin: No need to release them, because John McCain saw them, and don’t worry, he can tell you there’s just nothing there.

What else?