* From the “things that matter far more than virtually every political story you’ll ever read” file: Both parties have pushed climate change to the bottom of the agenda.

* ABC News gets this right: Obama’s vow to leave no stone unturned to combat gun violence doesn’t include ... any knew gun laws.

* No brainer of the day, but still good to have: Politifact rates Romney’s “didn’t build that” attacks false. And this is key:

We think his meaning is clear — that both business people and government play a role in the American enterprise system, not purely one or the other.

This is exactly what the attack is designed to obscure, which is why Republicans keep suggesting Obama believes only government is responsible for your success.

* Another day, another Romney ad that takes a perfectly routine quote widely believed by Dems and turns it into proof that Obama is completely indifferent to your economic suffering. #PostTruthCampaign

* Steve Benen demonstrates the dgree to which this tactic has become absolutely central to Romney’s entire campaign.

* Jonathan Chait on Romney’s struggle to explain how his program differs from Bush’s, and what that says about the conservative unwillingness to examine whether their ideas would ... fix the crisis.

* Must-read editorial in the conservative New Hampshire Union Leader, bluntly informing Romney that he can’t win without releasing his returns — and that it’s not a matter of if, but when.

If Romney backers think the “didn’t build that” tale has caused his problems to go away, this is a reminder that the tax returns story isn’t going anywhere.

* Good question from Rachel Weiner: What if public officials simply stopped operating from the assumption that the NRA is all powerful?

* CREDO Action is organizing to pressure Obama and Romney to support an assault weapons ban.

* The House will vote next week on the Dem plan to extend the tax cuts on all income under $250,000, including that of job creators and small business people, and it will fail because it’s actually a tax hike.

* David Atkins, commenting on Dem plans to bankroll major pushback on Israel, laments the power of big money in politics while observing:

As long as our election laws are what they are, it’s important for those with wealth and morals to counter those who have an ample amount of the former and scant regard for the latter.

* And an entertaining roundup of how Romney’s blunders played in the British press.

What else?