1. Molly Ball on how Democratic self-imposed gaffes, glitches and other campaign errors have made the Republican majority in the House a lot safer than it might have been.

2. Good Nate Silver post on the GDP numbers and November.

3. Nate Cohn looks at the GDP number.

4. One more: Seth Masket looks at the GDP number.

Apparently a lot of Republicans are treating today’s economic news as some sort of indication of a coming GOP landslide. That’s nuts. First, because there was very little news in today’s number; it was exactly what was expected. So if you thought it was a close race yesterday, you should think the same today. Second, that’s just not what the models show. The current economy isn’t good for the nation, and it’s not great for Barack Obama – but it’s pointing to a close election, not a landslide.

5. Moving on: the incredibly . . . make that the very mildly confusing, and altogether overblown, story of the White House Churchill bust. Busts. Jake Tapper has it all sorted out.

6. Steve Benen’s regular Friday contribution, Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity, is never short for items, is it?

7. Is Mitt Romney’s economic agenda any different from George W. Bush’s? Ezra Klein looks at why Romney is promising more of the same.

8. How Romney’s schedulers managed to forget a (minor) Jewish holiday falling during his trip to Israel – and why it’s not a particularly good one for him to remind anyone about. Sarah Posner talks Tisha B’Av.

9. It could be the biggest mistake of its kind since the East Germans planned their fiendish plans for Sunday – on Simchat Torah.

10. Sorry about that one. Back to business, with Adam Serwer: “Again, Obama's Jewish problem is that more Americans aren't Jewish.”

11. I like this one from Jonathan Chait about how Mitt Romney’s efforts to keep everyone happy yields the most bizarre statements, this one about Bush, Obama, and the Arab Spring.

12. Paul Krugman holds Paul Ryan and others to account for their inflation hype.

13. David Frum’s contribution on “didn’t build that” is interesting, although I think at the end of the day he’s not exactly correct about it.

14. Why climate change is a tough one topic for people, from David Roberts.

15. And a nice review of the latest conservative film attacking Barack Obama. Is Dave Weigel too lenient? I don’t know, but I really don’t think I’m going to watch the movie to find out.