* The Obama campaign is up with a new ad hitting Mitt Romney’s tax plans for exploding the deficit to pay for tax cuts for the rich, another sign that Obama wants tax fairness to be central to the election.

Note that the ad hits Romney for supporting a rise in defense spending that could balloon the deficit, and ties it to spending on Bush’s wars — not a posture Dems are always willing to take.

* Paul Krugman on the real meaning of Romney’s praise for Israel’s system of socialized medicine:

Romney’s remarks here fit the classic ... definition of a gaffe: it’s when a politician accidentally tells the truth. The truth in this case is that America’s uniquely privatized system is also uniquely expensive and inefficient; health care is one area in which the public sector does it better than the private sector, and in which free-market doctrine is just a dangerous fantasy. But of course Romney can’t admit that.

* What to watch tomorrow: Obama and Air Force One will land on an Ohio airstrip that would be eliminated by proposed Pentagon budget cuts.

* Nice job by Jed Lewison dissecting that new ad featuring Romney telling Americans he wants to share the benefits of his job-creating skills with them.

* Liberals want Obama to get rid of the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency for refusing to move forward on help for homeowners (and by extension the economy).

* E.J. Dionne: Bill Clinton helps Obama not just because of the Clinton economy, but because the college eductated whites Obama needs remember that Clinton-era taxes on the rich balanced the budget.

* Why Romney’s declaration of opposition to tax credits for wind power could hurt him in Iowa.

* GOP governor Terry Branstad wants to, ahem, “educate” Romney about the wind tax credits, and worse, GOP Senator Chuck Grassley says he wasn’t consulted about Romney’s decision.

* Would Rob Portman as veep really be enough to offset Romney’s overseas woes and boost his credibility as a commander in chief on national security issues?

* All that controversy has not stopped Obama and Dems from moving forward with the new rule mandating preventive reproductive health services for women, which goes into effect tomorrow.

* And the Romney campaign’s chief financial officer’s LinkedIn page used to identify him as a “financial outsourcing consultant” before that unfortunate label was quietly altered.

What else?