* I agree with Andrew Rosenthal on this: The contrast between the NRA’s continued attacks on Obama as an anti-gun fanatic, and his own meek response to the latest shooting, is telling and depressing.

* Evan McMorris Santoro reports that the Obama campaign is assembling a group of small business owners who will say: Yup, we did build this, but with support. Good move.

* Catherine Rampell talks to economists: They don’t think Romney’s plans would create many more jobs than the economy would create without them. They’ve been telling me the same thing.

* We don't know what’s in Romney’s tax returns. But in fairness, as experts tell Glenn Kessler, Harry Reid’s charge that he paid no taxes remains highly improbable at best.

* John Cassidy sounds the alarm: Romney simply must figure out a way to take control of his own resume and narrative, or he will soon be political road kill.

* That new Priorities USA Action ad implying Bain layoffs led to the death of a layoff victim’s wife? CNN lays out the timeline of what happened, concluding that the ad is “not accurate.”

Also interesting: The White House will not be commenting on the ad.

* The Koch brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity unleashes a $25 million assault on Obama over the debt, which GOP strategists seem to view as a way to play on public anxiety over things just not getting done.

Also: Will this stand as another example of the outsized influence a small group of donors will have over the election, or will all this spending end up having diminishing returns?

* Steve Benen offers a funny suggestion as to what Obama should do to push back against Romney’s new welfare attack:

Republican governors were the ones who asked for the flexibility to experiment, and Obama agreed. But if Romney and the GOP have decided to go nuclear on this, making up garbage in the hopes that voters are fools, the president can simply reverse course — Republicans are against state flexibility and experimentation? Fine, no more state flexibility and experimentation.

States’ rights...

* Politifact gives the Romney welfare attack a “Pants on Fire.”

* Ed Kilgore is excellent on the Romney attack’s “welfare queen” subtext and how it syncs with the Romney camp’s larger arguments about, well, pretty much everything.

ICYMI: My take on the class politics of the welfare attack right here.

* Great point from Alec MacGillis on the problems with RNC chair Reince Priebus’s claim that the Obama campaign wants to “water down” the voting rights of members of the military in Ohio:

So, expanding voting rights generally — which, let’s face it, tends to favor Democrats — “waters down” the votes of a Republican-leaning constituency like the military? I may be mistaken, but this seems like a case of accidental and illuminating candor.

* Jared Bernstein on Paul Ryan’s addiction to limited government fantasies, and on the mystifying Beltway devotion to him as a “budget wonk” despite his numbers just not adding up.

* And Elizabeth Warren seems to make a mess for herself by calling on Scott Brown to release more tax returns than she has, before walking it back.

What else?