* Philip Klein is good on what was really revealed by the Romney camp’s claim that the dead steelworker’s wife would have been covered under Romneycare. Cliff notes version: Romney is all tactics, no vision.

* A funny, but substantatively deadly serious, response from Kevin Drum to the same:

I feel like I’ve suddenly been transported into some alternate universe where Mitt Romney thinks every state should offer subsidized healthcare to everyone. I’d sure like to hear more about this.

So would we all...

* The Romney campaign seems to be doubling down on their new embrace of Romneycare, a strategy that won’t exactly make it easier for Romney to make an issue out of Obamacare.

* Ron Brownstein on a key development: Obama is opening up a gender gap among upscale and non-college white women, perhaps because “waitress moms” are deciding Romney won’t look out for them.

* Jamelle Bouie on the Romney welfare attack’s racial “welfare queen” coding and its overt effort to play to­­ cultural resenetments that surface in times of economic suffering.

* Great Steve Benen post on the hidden meaning of Romney’s frequent invocation of parental loans to would-be entrepreneurs.

* It might seem odd coming from an elected lawmaker, but Scott Brown doesn’t appear to think his state should follow federal law if it will result in more people voting for Elizabeth Warren.

* Yes, Claire McCaskill is now facing far right eccentric Todd Akin, but as Andy Kroll documents well, she is also facing a very powerful set of out-of-state interests who have made her Dark Money’s Top Target.

* David Atkins on the larger meaning of Rush Limbaugh’s effort to claim Robin Hood’s legacy for ... the Tea Party.

* No, really: GOP Rep. Steve King may introduce a bill that would repeal literally everything Obama has signed into law. I wonder how much House GOP support that would get? (Actually, don’t answer that.)

* And Jed Lewison on Romney’s support in Massachusetts for the same sort of wavers he now says will gut welfare reform:

Either Mitt Romney is part of Barack Obama’s conspiracy to give every welfare queen a free Cadillac (or heck, maybe a couple of ‘em) ... or he’s so desperate to find an issue that works that he doesn’t care if he comes off looking like Lee Atwater or Jesse Helms.

What else?