To start with: Buzzfeed has the draft marriage equality language that the Democratic Platform Committee will consider. Yup, this one is certainly happening, and yes, it’s historic.

I’m just going to ask again: has anyone reported anything about the Democrat’s platform language on detention and civil liberties, and whether it will be as strong as the 2008 language? And: am I the only one who cares about this?

On to the good stuff:

1. Jonathan Chait has been really good on the Tax Policy Center’s analysis of Mitt Romney’s tax plan; he has another good one today. This is really, really, simple: Mathematically, Mitt Romney cannot have a revenue-neutral tax plan which lowers top rates the way he says he would and retains the exemptions and deductions he says he’d retain without raising taxes on middle-class filers. This has been out for a while now, and no one has come close to knocking it down. The only question is which part of it Romney would drop. I think it’s pretty obvious that he would just blow up the deficit, but it’s either that or something else.

2. More detail about taxes: Michael Linden a while ago pointed out why Romney’s wording of his claim about “share of the tax burden” may be a loophole that could be consistent with cutting taxes on the rich and raising them for everyone else.

3. Judging from today’s new ad, Barack Obama’s campaign certainly thinks Romney is still vulnerable on taxes: his own taxes, that is.

4. The story behind the attack ad: I guess we’re going to start hearing a lot about the “Son of BOSS” tax shelter, explained here, by Jesse Drucker.

5. In the surprisingly competitive North Dakota senate race, Crossroads GPS pulls an attack ad after it turns out to be false.

6. Just how dishonest is Mitt Romney’s campaign, and specifically the welfare ad? Paul Waldman thinks it’s unprecedented.

7. The fight over defense spending, and how it plays politically, by Michael Cohen.

8. Steve Benen highlights Mitt Romney’s support for those layoffs of government workers.

9. A strong defense of Social Security Disability Insurance, from Kathy Ruffing.

10. John Sides has a very useful reminder of what actually happened in 1980. Short version: Ronald Reagan took the lead in late spring and never fell behind.

11. While Seth Masket thinks that Romney’s core strategy is sound. I strongly agree.

12. Andrew Gelman notes that Fox News is continuing their tradition of misleading graphs and charts.

13. I really liked this Dana Milbank column.

14. An interesting report on Mike Huckabee as a Republican (attempted) kingmaker, from Sean Sullivan.

15. Veepstakes: David Frum’s case against Paul Ryan.

16. Ezra Klein doesn’t think conservatives should want Ryan, either.

17. And yes, Todd Akin in the Missouri Senate race is going to have to defend some awful-sounding votes. Perhaps opposition to helping homeless children will help him, but I’m guessing not. Cameron Joseph reports.