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Happy Hour Roundup

* The Tax Policy Center issues a lengthy rebuttal to its critics on the right, going through all their objections one by one. And guess what: Mitt Romney’s tax plan still doesn’t add up.

* As David Firestone notes, it’s odd that Romney expects voters to just trust him about his tax returns, but it’s odder still that his “just trust me” attitude extends to his entire campaign. (ICYMI: My take here.)

* Great point from Jonathan Bernstein: Romney’s “just trust me” candidacy should seriously worry Republicans, too, for both political and policy reasons, and it’s a failure on the GOP’s part, too.

* Important stuff from Ron Brownstein on how Paul Ryan’s plan is “aimed more at retrenching Washington than balancing the budget.”

* The Obama campaign will continue to pound away for the foreseeable future at the fact that Paul Ryan’s budget contains the same Medicare “cuts” Romney is decrying — allowing Camp Obama to hit both Romney and Ryan on policy and hypocrisy alike.

* Did Paul Ryan request stimulus funds for his district? It all depends on what “request stimulus funds” actually means.

* After Romney’s televised whiteboard Medicare lesson today, in which he claimed Obama would bankrupt the program, the Obama campaign released its own version of Romney’s whiteboard, and the battle will continue.

* Is Ryan putting Wisconsin in play for Romney? CNN’s new poll prompts it to move the state to “toss up” status, though NBC never had the state out of toss-up on their map.

* Suzy Khimm on polling that shows how important Medicare will be in this election — and that seniors favor Obama on the issue. This means the Ryan pick will now make Medicare absolutely central.

* The White House acknowledges that Medicare reforms are needed, just not ones that will transform it into a voucher program, and it’ll be interesting to see if Obama says something more specific soon, given the sudden elevation of the issue.

* Florida Senate candidate Connie Mack won’t say whether he supports Ryan's plan to quasi-voucherize Medicare; keep an eye on how down-ticket GOP candidates handle the Ryan proposal.

* And Digby on the, er, historical echos of Governor Jan Brewer’s executive order barring state agencies from giving drivers’ licenses and other public benefits to beneficiaries of Obama’s immigration policy. States’ rights!

What else?

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