* Steve Benen on the precedent that would be set by Mitt Romney’s epic dishonesty, should it enable him to win the White House (as it well might), and on the challenge this poses to the media.

Steve is right — many reporters are not reckoning with how brazen a departure from conventional political truth-stretching the Romney campaign has embarked upon.

* James Bennett asks: What if reporters are doing a good job of calling out Romney’s welfare lies, but it doesn’t end up mattering?

I’d agree that some select media outlets have done a good job of debunking the welfare falsehood. But this, again, goes to what precedent this will set if it works.

* Ron Fournier comes out and says it: Romney is playing the race card. It’s good to see this idea gaining serious traction.

* Marc Fisher on what the GOP platform tells us about the party’s decades long transformation into a “conservative party that is suspicious of government, allied against abortion and driven by faith.”

* A “debt clock” is a central GOP convention prop. But as this chart shows, Republicans will be attacking a debt that resulted from policies they put in place, tax cuts they extended, and a recession that began on a GOP president’s watch.

* A good Post editorial takes apart the latest GOP talking point about the lack of specificity in Romney’s tax plan. Reminder: Romney has confirmed he won’t be sharing these details until he’s president.

* Jonathan Cohn on why Romney’s welfare and Medicare attacks constitute the ugliest campaiging since Willie Horton.

* David Firestone on how all the talk about dismantling health care for the poor fits right in with the GOP convention’s partying mood.

* Remember that Romney adviser’s claim that the GOP could produce as much as an 11 point bump? That’s no longer operative.

* One of the key goals of the GOP convention will be to try to repair relations with Latinos, and one conservative leader who favors better outreach to that constituency sums it up well:

“The good news for Romney is that the party kind of hit bottom, so the arrow has nowhere to point but north.”

* And keep an eye on this: Romney’s post-convention strategy will be all about positioning him as the change agent in the race.

What else?