1. After we’ve all spent two weeks listening to how presidents will change everything, a good antidote is Andrew Rudalevige on the continuing institutional weakness of the presidency.

2. Okay, these Google data from Jordan Ragusa are interesting, but why are people in Utah so interested in learning how to register to vote? Tea Partiers against Hatch from the primary?

3. A very nice review from Zachary Goldfarb about why no one should get too overworked about the jobs report numbers today as an economic indicator – because those numbers will almost certainly changes.

4. Nate Silver is on the same page as I am with regard to the electoral effects of the jobs numbers.

5. While Sean Trende looks at polling and the conventions.

6. How the 2012 party platforms compare to the 1956 party platforms. Worthwhile. From Erika Eichelberger and Jaeah Lee.

7. If it’s Friday, you don’t need me to tell you: Steve Benen’s Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity.

8. Barack Obama is doing everything wrong. Oh, it worked? Because he did exactly what I advised. That’s Mitt Romney (paraphrased, just in case that’s not clear) about the auto bailout, as Jed Lewison reports.

9. More Romney…the business about Romney not mentioning the troops in his convention speech is almost entirely mindless gaffe politics, and mostly people should drop it. However, it’s not a good sign that it’s been over a week and he doesn’t have a decent answer when he’s asked about it, via Taegan Goddard.

10. Highly recommended: Ed Kilgore on the differences between how Tea Partiers and liberals think of the origins of the crash.

11. Tommy Thompson first ran for office in 1966. Tommy Thompson’s campaign is in the process of learning that it might not be 1966 any more.

12. And digby has a little fun with a hagiographic National Review Romney/Ryan cover.