1. I’ll start with two must-reads about the Romney/Ryan program. First, Annie Lowrey and David Kocieniewski on the Romney tax plan. No, the numbers really don’t add up.

2. And then Thomas Edsall about the “Ryan sinkhole.” No, the numbers really don’t add up.

3. Ezra Klein believes this is the consequences of Romney keeping his plans so vague.

4. But I’m with Matt Yglesias on this one: the problem for Romney is that he’s not vague enough. Exactly right. Really: If Romney simply said he was for tax reform that lowered rates (an unspecified amount), eliminated deductions and was revenue neutral, no one would be accusing him of raising middle-class taxes.

5. Amy Fried on how the Affordable Care Act puts pressure on Mitt Romney.

6. Did Romney deliberately mislead people about his position on pre-existing conditions? That’s what the Democrats are charging, as Pema Levy reports.

7. Paul Ryan was on TV talking about events he had been a party of? Then he probably was dissembling. And, yup, Suzy Khimm catches two whoppers in Ryan’s Face the Nation appearance.

8. Senate race to watch? Republicans are trying to get a weird bank shot in Maine, where independent Angus King has a large lead and is generally expected to caucus with the Democrats if he wins. GOP tactic? Talk up the Democrat! Reid Wilson has the details.

9. Senate race everyone is watching: A new poll — a new Republican poll — has Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren too close to call, with Brown up by one point.

10. Could Michele Bachmann be in trouble? New polling in Minnesota says: could be. Alex Seitz-Wald reports.

11. Way under the radar: State legislative primaries in Rhode Island tomorrow could determine the future of marriage equality in that state. David Scharfenberg has the details. More general point: primaries matter. A lot.

12. Ed Kilgore thinks that next up from the Republicans after the convention bounces will be the return of the crazy. In your heart, you know he’s right! Or something like that.

13. On the other hand, they may manage to convince themselves that the whole bounce thing is just a liberal plot; Jonathan Chait has more.

14. Steve Benen does a little accountability on Republicans and DADT.

15. And one to bookmark: Marc Ambinder is blogging. Here’s a sample. Recommended.