Happy Hour Roundup

* Nice find by Alec MacGillis: Mitt Romney in 2009, denouncing protectionist action against China as against his philosphy, which jars against his current tough talk about Obama not “standing up to China.”

* Conservatives worry that Paul Ryan has not gotten Romney to embrace a big, bold war of ideas, after all, and clearly, the groundwork is being laid to blame a loss on Romney’s failure to act enough like Ryan.

* Also, as E.J. Dionne notes, by blaming Romney for his loss, Republicans will be denying that Obama won an actual governing mandate, absolving them of the need to compromise with him (again).

* The Obama campaign is out with a new Web video hitting Romney over his let-them-go-to-emergency-rooms quote, suggesting Dems will grab on to this to sharpen the contrast further.

* Jonathan Cohn explains what Romney’s emergency room comments really mean for the millions who already have access to health care and would be impacted by Obamacare repeal. It’s ugly stuff.

* John Sides wishes we would all obsess as much over what white working class voters want when it comes to actually making policy as we do when trying to determine how they will vote.

* Good catch by Chris Geidner: Ryan actually said that now that don’t ask don’t tell repeal is “done, we should not reverse it.” Oddly enough, a Romney spox wouldn’t clarify whether he agrees with his running mate.

* Glenn Kessler buries the bogus GOP talking point, now running in a Crossroads ad, that Obama “skips” his intelligence briefings.

* Taegan Goddard has a useful daily roundup of each day’s swing state polls, and the latest ones show Obama with a lead in seven of them.

* Also, as Markos Moulitsas notes, the polling averages show Romney losing support in virtually every swing state, which is worse for him than if the gap is spreading merely because Obama is gaining.

* Nate Cohn’s latest deep dive into the current polling really does suggest Romney is toast unless something big changes (which, keep in mind, does remain possible).

* On my reading list: The Washington Monthly’s new e-book taking a look at how George W. Bush’s legacy looms over the 2012 presidential race, despite all the furious efforts to write him out of the story.

* And David Corn, who broke the story of the leaked Romney video, has a personal encounter with a member of the freeloading 47 percent.

What else?

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