* Steve Benen’s regular installment of Mitt Romney’s most glaring distortions of the week weighs in at an astonishing 50 items. Is it a coincidence that the count is ballooning as time runs out?

* David Plouffe says Romney can’t retract his comments about the freeloading 47 percent comments, because they’re embedded in his economic policies:

“These are teachers; these are veterans; these are seniors, and the most important thing is that his policies reflect that approach and that disdain, because his entire economic policy is geared toward the very wealthy and burdening the middle class. It’s the wrong recipe for economic growth.”

Look for more of that, now that Romney has tried to Etch-A-Sketch those unfortunate remarks away.

* Keep an eye on Romney’s explanation for the drop in the unemployment rate; the skirmishing over this will be central from here on out.

* The Post has a rundown of the arguments Republicans rolled out today in response to the unemployment rate drop. Preview: Not too many of them saw it as a good thing.

* Nate Silver notes that the new jobs numbers put job growth this year just slightly behind the monthly totals that enabled George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection.

* A key reason the jobs report was so important for Obama is that it will make it less likely that the Romney debate victory will fundamentally shift the race.

* Lede of the day, from the Associated Press, on today’s rampant unemployment trutherism:

Sasquatch might as well have traipsed across the White House lawn Friday with a lost Warren Commission file on his way to the studio where NASA staged the moon landing.

* As Paul Krugman notes, today’s unemployment trutherism freakout is business as usual for the right wing during Democratic presidencies, and not at all confined to fringe figures, either.

* Funny item by Ed Kilgore about the perils of unemployment trutherism for the Romney camp:

If the freak-out is about the BLS report distracting attention from Mitt’s Triumphant Vanquishing of the Evil Obama, then the crazy-talk is a much bigger distraction: like turning on the local news and watching the weatherman have a nervous breakdown because his forecast turned out to be wrong.

* The Obama campaign is out with a series of videos debunking Romney’s debate claims about his tax plan, about Obama’s energy plan, and about Obama’s non-gutting of Medicare.

As noted here yesterday, Dems hope all the footage of Romney evading his own positions — and Romney’s supposed move to the center is all about evasion and obfuscation — will prompt more scrutiny of them in the days ahead.

* Relatedly, Jonathan Chait on why conservatives don’t really mind Romney’s centrist repositioning: He’s doing it all with a wink and will still be owned by the right if he wins.

* And one more along these lines: Jed Lewison puts together a video of Mitt Romney debating Mitt Romney. What’s striking is that each version of Mitt displays precisely the same level of conviction.

What else?