There’s a new Pew poll out, taken after the debate, showing Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama by four percentage points. You’ll be hearing a lot about it for the next day or two. Remember, follow polling averages, not individual polls. Also, when there’s an event that gobbled up press focus, wait a bit for initial reactions to filter out. What we care about is November, which may or may not reflect immediate post-event reactions.

On to the good stuff:

1. Pre-Pew, Mark Blumenthal thought that the polls showed a big debate bounce starting to fade.

2. Political scientist Corrine McConnaughy on why Mitt Romney’s debate performance may hurt him with women.

3. Just how moderate was the debate Romney? Not very, says Ezra Klein.

4. Just how moderate was the debate Romney? Not very, says Ed Kilgore.

5. “Better Know a Ballot Measure” – Abby Rapoport and The American Prospect are tracking the initiatives and referendums on state ballots in November. Helpful.

6. Dan Larison wasn’t a big fan of Romney’s foreign policy speech.

7. On the defense portion of the speech, an excellent, detailed look at the options facing Romney when it comes to shipbuilding, from Spencer Ackerman.

8. Steve Benen points out that the Romney we heard today wasn’t the Romney that Republican donors are hearing in private. Note: I don’t agree that the private one is necessarily the “real” Romney.

9. And Adam Serwer argues that the speech really had nothing to do with foreign policy and national security after all.

10. Which news organizations did a good job of covering bogus assertions that the government was publishing phony employment stats? Which news organizations embarrassed themselves? Brendan Nyhan explains, and names names.

11. Terrific CNN story about people who are cross-pressured between Republican partisanship and personally benefitting from the Affordable Care Act. By Elizabeth Cohen.

12. In related news, how press narratives work, and how they locked in the idea that the debate last week was an enormous disaster for Obama, from Dave Weigel, who is correct about this but wrong about The Phantom Menace.

13. And the best thing of the day was #sorryfeminists; Amanda Marcotte explains if you missed it.

14. But Ann Friedman kills it on the #sorrryfeminists Tumblr.