* The Obama camp is up with a new ad in seven swing states going hard at Mitt Romney over proposed Ryan Medicaid cuts, a sign Obama may retool with a renewed emphasis on protecting the safety net.

* Good catch by Eric Kleefeld: Behold the GOP candidate’s son, Josh Romney, on Obama’s debate performance: “as a father, he learned how to debate an obstinate child.”

* Interesting point from David Dayen on the Obama camp’s Big Bird ad: It could not cite a single Wall Street malfeasant the Obama administration prosecuted.

* This quote, from a pollster to E.J. Dionne, perfectly captures the folly of the liberal freakout over the poll gap closing:

“When you give conservatives bad news in your polls, they want to kill you. When you give liberals bad news in your polls, they want to kill themselves.”

* An incumbent president leads by high single digits. A challenger defeats him in a debate, and his lead vanishes. And then ... the challenger goes down to defeat. Steve Benen walks us through the 2004 polling.

* Or, as Ben White tweeted:

Rs getting too stoked on current numbers should just constantly repeat “President John Kerry” to themselves

* Relatedly, a must read from Kevin Drum: How the poll freakout represents a liberal “hack gap” and may yet produce an Obama defeat that should have been entirely avoidable.

* Markos Moulitsas on why the fundamentals of the campaign still tilt in Obama’s favor, a case that’s helped by the new CNN poll showing him up four among likely voters in Ohio.

* Ari Berman on the Ohio secretary of state’s decision to appeal a decision reinstating early voting rights, and how this voter supression push isn’t exactly a coincidence in the state that may decide the election.

* Josh Marshall asks reporters whether they mind being lied to about Romney’s tax plan, and suggests a quick way to get up to speed on how to see through all the falsehoods.

* A counterintuitive take from Nate Cohn on today’s Gallup numbers, which found Romney leading by two among likely voters: They may be more ominous for Romney than for Obama.

* The polling on Obama’s faulty debate performance that Stan Greenberg spoke to me about earlier today is now online for your viewing, er, pleasure.

* Sam Stein on the Progressive Change Campaign Committee’s new “Call Out The Vote” program, which hopes to deliver targeted calls to one million voters for Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, and others.

In other PCCC news, their petition to collect signatures protesting Romney’s threat to take the hatchet to Big Bird is here.

* And Dana Milbank on Romney's foreign policy speech: “one long gargle-and-rinse of his previous positions.” Given the nonstop lies, evasions and contortions, I continue to wonder what precedent a Romney victory would set.

What else?