* The Post has a good curtain raiser on tonight’s Veep debate: Joe Biden’s main tasks are to slow Romney’s momentum, boost morale among Dems and unmask the extremism of the Romney/Ryan agenda.

* Ed Kilgore boils it down:

It’s obvious that Joe Biden needs to rip the “moderate” mask off the GOP ticket, and Paul Ryan needs to keep it on. Everything other than that is probably just a detail.

* Obama adviser Jim Messina on the numbers he really cares about: Not the polls, but the numbers of registered voters, ballots requested, and early votes cast, which he says show a big organizational edge.

* New Pew Hispanic Center poll: Obama leads Romney among Latinos 69-21, better than the 67-31 margin he enjoyed in 2008, and a reminder that Romney will need to win a record total among whites.

* This has gotten lost in all the noise, but as Steven Shepard notes, today’s swing state polling has showed only a slight shift in the key battlegrounds since before the debate.

* Steve Benen marvels at Darrell Issa, the BLS truthers, and the right’s inability, or unwillingness, to process the idea that there might be a glimmer of good economic news on Obama’s watch.

* Josh Marshall pleads with reporters not to be idiots: It is not contradictory to point out that Romney has adopted ideologically extreme positions while flip flopping to conceal them.

* Jonathan Chait on the disparity between the state and national polls, and on the dreaded possibility of an electoral college tie.

* An emotional video by the United Steelworkers on Romney, Bain, and the human toll of outsourcing. Labor is leaning hard on Romney’s Bain years to organize in the Rust Belt battlegrounds.

* Kevin Drum on why it may be a political nonstarter for Obama to chase Romney down endless fact-checking rabbit holes.

* And this is a shorter-than-usual roundup, because of tonight’s debate. Tune in later for more coverage.

What else?