1. “Mitt Romney has caught some grief for comments he made about health care last week. It seems to me he deserves a lot more.” Jonathan Cohn on just how out of touch Romney’s claim that people don’t die from not having health insurance sounds.

2. Yes, Mitt Romney’s Medicare and Medicaid plans sock it to seniors; Sarah Kliff reports.

3. “The Strange Ongoing Opposition to U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq.” Dan Larison is on it.

4. Interesting argument from Philip Klein: Will Obama regret passing up running a “flip-flopper” campaign against Romney?

5. While Ed Kilgore argues that Obama should be pressing the case that Romney is more of the same and a radical.

6. And Ari Berman argues Obama should stand up for his accomplishments and run on the economy.

7. Larry Bartels looks at what people know and don’t know about taxes.

8. No, gerrymandering doesn’t cause partisanship or polarization. Seth Masket nails it.

9. All those men: how the Republican failure to recruit and support women for office may be costing them the Senate, by David S. Bernstein.

10. Over at Hotline, Julie Sobel has a good rundown of newspaper endorsements in statewide races.

11. Fun Kevin Drum argument about politicians, lies and debate strategy.

12. Candy Crowley, gender and the job of moderating debates, from Alyssa Rosenberg.

13. And Mark Halperin has the ground rules campaigns negotiated for the debates.