Everyone is talking about a Time poll that has Barack Obama up by five points in Ohio. That’s good news for him, but as usual what you want to do is to check the polling averages — and for all the day’s swing-state polls, check Taegan Goddard’s invaluable Political Wire for the other three (!) new Ohio polls out today. Bottom line: Obama does lead in Ohio polls but not by five points.

The rest of the good stuff:

1. Have to link to this one for the headline: “The Dictatress of the World.” Dan Larison on how to read Mitt Romney’s bizarre claim that the United States has never dictated to any nation.

2. A real question about Mitt “Binders of Women” Romney from David S. Bernstein: How likely is it that a Romney administration would have women in key jobs?

3. The path to overturn Roe v. Wade if Romney does win the presidency and begins appointing federal judges, as analyzed by Irin Carmon. The judiciary is easily the most important question that presidential-contest reporting ignores or downplays.

4. Interesting comment by Ed Kilgore about how Republicans’ fading prospects in the Senate change the relationship between conservatives and Romney.

5. Good Kevin Drum post on the “non-scandal over Benghazi.” Worth noting that the lack of scandal does not have anything to do with whether there was policy failure here; the real problem is that the GOP’s scandal frame is pushing everyone away from thinking about the administration’s actual Libya policy and whether it’s working.

6. Fascinating information about the ad campaign from the Wesleyan Media Project. Among the findings: This year will shatter records for campaign ads aired; there have already been 900,000 ads aired in the presidential general election alone; and Obama is holding his own in ads aired in major media markets. Laura Baum has many more details.

7. Suzy Khimm interviews House Budget Committee ranking member Chris Van Hollen about the fiscal cliff and hears about Van Hollen’s plan to push for an extension of the payroll tax cut and other pro-growth changes.

8. E.J. Graff on Richard Mourdock.

9. Don’t miss a comprehensive look at the parties and the gender gap, from Christina Wolbrecht.

10. Alec MacGillis makes a strong case for the role of the press in amplifying the effects of the first debate.

11. Abby Rapoport continues terrific reporting on state ballot measures: Today she looks at the stakes for labor in Michigan.

12. And Dan Hopkins on “the politics of Dillon, Texas.”