All the chatter this afternoon is about a CNN poll showing Barack Obama with a four point lead in Ohio, which goes with two other Ohio polls today showing smaller leads for Obama. As always, my advice is to look at the polling averages, but they tell the same story: HuffPollster now has Obama up in Ohio by 2.5 percent, and has moved the state back from toss up to lean Obama. Perhaps the most important thing? That’s one more day without any movement towards Mitt Romney.

On to to the good stuff:

1. Speaking of that CNN poll, Greg’s pick for Tweet of the day, from Alec MacGillis:

CNN poll overstates Obama lead in Ohio: doesn’t take into account all those Jeep workers headed to China. #unskewed

2. Andrew Sullivan makes his case for Barack Obama on moral grounds.

3. What would the Supreme Court look like if Mitt Romney wins? Sahil Kapur looks at it.

4. I argue that the Court is the most important issue in the presidential election.

5. Yes, it’s Friday, so it must be time for Steve Benen’s latest installment of “Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity.”

6. John Sides explains why undecided voters are probably not a game changer at the very end.

7. Polling-based forecaster Sam Wang on the state of the race now.

8. The Wesleyan Media Project’s map of where the ads have run. Not just presidential races — all of them.

9. Ed Kilgore on the GOP’s amazing missed opportunity in the Senate.

10. More on momentum: Brendan Nyhan has a great column today about why the press talks about it — and why they shouldn’t.

11. Jared Bernstein assesses the new GDP numbers, the good and the bad.

12. Nice Alyssa Rosenberg post on Leslie Gore, Lena Dunham, and voting.

13. And if your presidential campaign rally isn’t impressively big enough, Romney and Paul Ryan have a simple solution: photoshop!

What else?