1. Let’s start with the Washington Post’s must-read editorial on Mitt Romney’s “contempt for the electorate.”

2. Which leads to the very last campaign edition of Steve Benen’s epic series, Chronicling Mitt’s Mendacity.

3. Irin Carmon on GOP “misogyny” and the battle for the Senate.

4. This is important: George Zornick reports on how liberal activists are pushing Democratic politicians to oppose cuts in safety net programs.

5. Great stuff from the Wesleyan Media Project about who has the ad advantages and where, from Laura Baum

6. Here’s one to keep in mind Tuesday night: The national vote as counted on Tuesday will probably understate Barack Obama’s final count. By a lot. Nate Cohn has the numbers.

7. Hack alert: Michael Barone makes his final prediction — Romney 315 electoral votes, Obama 223.

8. After Barone, an electoral college reality check: Florida, the polls say, is now an absolute dead heat — Romney is at 48.1 percent, Obama at 48.0. Romney needs to win Florida, and several states that look better for Obama.

9. A wonk makes his own ad: Harold Pollack on Planned Parenthood – and choice.

10. A fun catch from Ed Kilgore of a Cleveland Plain Dealer op-ed for Romney from someone who used to be a Democratic Member of the House…until he left the House and Ohio back in the mid-1970s. Nice item. But points off for inexplicably failing to work James Traficant into an item about former Members from Ohio.

11. Mike Konczal looks at the employment numbers and sees quite a bit of good news.

12. So does Jared Bernstein, who looks at some positive employment trends.

13. Good Glenn Greenwald piece on the worst civil liberties presidents in US history. Biggest omission? The cold war presidents. Otherwise, solid. My answer: Madison was good, and all the other wartime presidents were (are) awful, each in their own way.

14. And a terrific graphic from Asawin Suebsaeng and Dave Gilson over at Mother Jones: a megachart of every single Obama conspiracy theory. Nice work.