1. Start with looking, er, forward: Kevin Drum argues that the time may actually be right for filibuster reform.

2. My view? It’s executive branch nomination reform that should be at the top of the list.

3. The fiscal “cliff” is a lousy metaphor, as Matt Yglesias points out.

4. The National Security Network on the new (possible) foreign policy consensus.

5. Could Puerto Rican statehood be a major issue soon? Caitlin Dewey reports.

6. Really good post by Ed Kilgore on what it means to talk about a presidential “mandate.”

7. And looking back: Seth Masket on all that money spent to achieve normal retrospective voting.

8. Excellent election wrap by Adam Serwer, focusing on how tenuous the apparent current Democratic majority could be.

9. Want to explore? The exit polls.

10. You’re going to be hearing a lot about how gerrymanders saved the Republican House majority. Dave Weigel has some examples.

11. You know what? I think Andrew Sullivan, if anything, underhypes the importance of yesterday’s marriage equality results. He’s correct on his main points, however.

12. Ann Marie Cox on marriage, and what happens to Americans when Tammy Baldwin looks into the mirror today.

13. Barack Obama as a transformative president, from Yglesias.

14. “There are few more essential projects in American politics than the reformation of the Republican Party,” writes Jonathan Chait.

15. Part of that party and part of what’s wrong with it has to do with Fox News – as Alyssa Rosenberg reports.

16. Paul Glastris on why Republicans didn’t see it coming.

17. And an important word of caution about explanations for the election results, from Kevin Drum.