1. Rachel Weiner has an update on the five remaining House races. Democrats lead all five; if they hold on, the 113th House will start off with a Republican majority of 234 to 201.

2. Good post by Ed Kilgore about what went wrong for Republicans in Senate races.

3. Must-read from John Sides: No, 2012 (almost certainly) wasn’t a “realignment.”

4. Nate Silver on turnout.

5. An honor roll of who was worth listening to during the 2012 election cycle, from Ezra Klein.

6. How marriage equality came to Maryland, by Annie Linskey.

7. An interesting, useful and balanced look at the differences between George W. Bush and Barack Obama on civil liberties issues surrounding terrorism. I think it’s easy for civil liberties proponents, who rightly find fault with Obama, to emphasize continuity between the despised Bush and Obama’s policies, and in several cases that’s quite appropriate. But not all.

8. “Free stuff” explained, by Jonathan Cohn.

9. Could Republicans be ready to make a deal on the “fiscal cliff”? Jonathan Chait thinks they might be.

10. But that could lead to war within the GOP, points out Steve Kornacki.

11. Paul Waldman argues that Republican-aligned media won’t change as long as the audience doesn’t change.

12. And one bit of that audience: Eli Saslow looks in on one Romney supporter, now dealing with the aftermath.