1. Five other things – besides fiscal cliff issues, that is – to look for in the lame duck session, from Ed O’Keefe. More than five, really, since #5 is a whole bunch of major issues – Violence Against Women Act, the farm bill, the post office, and more – that they didn’t get around to so far.

2. But on the fiscal cliff negotiations, Barack Obama pledges to liberal groups that he’s going to fight for their priorities, as Sam Stein and Jennifer Bendery report.

3. And those liberal outside groups are ready to fight with the president – or oppose him, if he crosses their priorities. Alex Seitz-Wald has that part.

4. Be careful about this next one, but for whatever it’s worth: Immediate post-election polling shows a good-sized dip in the number of people who support repealing the Affordable Care Act. It’s best to wait for some confirmation in other polls, but Sarah Kliff is right to point it out.

5. Over at the Monkey Cage: State swings between 2008 and 2012.

6. Sensible advise to Republicans from Philip Klein; liberals should read it too. To add my related two cents: The idea that winning an election shows that “voters” agree with all of your positions and disagree with all of your opponent’s positions is foolish. Obama will have wound up winning by about 3 percentage points; if one in fifty Americans had flipped to Romney, would that mean that voters agreed with Romney’s positions? But at the same time: winning is winning, and gives the winners a chance to change public policy the way they want to, subject to rules of the game (and of course this time the Republican House is a very big deal) and subject to prudence.

7. Back to what Republicans should do. It’s not all about policy. Conor Friedersdorf has it right; it would help Republicans to “[signal] to voters that you've got a basic grasp on reality and possess normal levels of human sympathy.”

8. Oh, and for Republicans blaming Romney? I agree with Doug Mataconis: It could have been a lot worse than Romney.

9. Are Christian conservatives going to fade away? Ed Kilgore doesn’t think so, and I think he’s correct.

10. Another general point about these postmortems, from Brendan Nyhan: There are an quite a few pieces of third-rate instant analysis out there.

11. Worth noting, although nothing is going to come of it: Erick Erickson is out to get…John Boehner. I’m confident that Boehner is safe for the moment, but he knows that he has to keep a lot of people happy to stay that way.

12. Andrew Sullivan on the legacy of David Petreaeus.

13. No one ever pays any attention to what Dick Morris says, but for those who might be tempted, Morris today made a point of reminding everyone not to pay attention to anything he says.

14. National Journal has a nice feature on the new members of Congress.

15. And at least in the Senate, that means even more Baby Boomers than before; David S. Bernstein has the count.