1. Nancy Pelosi isn’t going anywhere: She’ll remain the Democratic leader in the House for at least another two years, as Paul Kane reports.

2. Andrew Gelman takes down Jay Cost: Yes, “Richer people continue to vote Republican.”

3. Benjy Sarlin is correct: What happens in the 2016 nomination fight right now may matter quite a bit. Of course, it may not; Barack Obama really was a late entrant in 2008. But, yes, the candidates are running, so the press should be following it.

4. Everyone was focusing on taxes at the press conference today, but liberals are going to push hard on the spending side, too. See for example the strong statements today from Debbie Wasserman Schultz against benefit cuts for Social Security and Medicare.

5. Back to taxes: Brian Beutler on how Barack Obama isn’t really leaving Republicans any room on taxing the rich.

6. Although Andrew Sprung heard the president’s press conference a bit differently, and is worried.

7. See too Suzy Khimm’s coverage on the tax issue: Obama “tried to sound conciliatory…But despite his softer rhetoric, Obama made no concessions on his demand for higher taxes on the top 2 percent.”

8. Dylan Mathews on what government does to alleviate poverty that works – and what isn’t helping.

9. Has Mitch McConnell been hurting Republicans? Jamelle makes a plausible case. The counterargument, to me, would whether a different Senate strategy would have yielded an even larger victory for Obama, and thus hurt Republicans in different ways. But I’m mostly on Jamelle’s side on this.

10. The vote-counting mess in Arizona, reported by Abby Rapoport.

11. Why we say that there’s something seriously wrong with the Republican Party and use words such as “crazy” – what else do you call GOP state legislators wasting their time on nutty UN conspiracy theories? Tim Murphy has the details.

12. When is a traffic jam good news? As Lyndsey Layton reports, when it takes place in the bathroom reserved for women in the Senate.

13. And you know about those petitions to the White House for states to secede, right? Via the Monkey Cage, here’s a nice map of where the signees are from.