1. Adam Serwer on privacy, Petraeus and e-mail. Important.

2. Dan Drezner is thinking about Susan Rice.

3. Scandal envy? That’s Paul Waldman’s diagnosis.

4. And a good measure of how seriously Republicans actually take Benghazi: Most of them skipped a classified briefing, and John McCain had a tantrum when a CNN reporter called him on it.

5. More on gerrymanders, from Nicholas Goedert. He finds a bit more of a gerrymandering effect but not enough to flip the House from Republicans to Democrats. Consistent with the picture that it’s part gerrymanders, part neutral effects of districting and part incumbency.

6. An update on the key Affordable Care Act issue of Medicaid expansion, from Sarah Kliff.

7. If you care at all about the question of drone warfare – and you should – you’ll definitely want to read Omar Bashir’s extremely helpful suggestions about organizing the discussion.

8. Jonathan Chait has been very good on the strategy behind the fiscal-cliff confrontation; now he sees Republicans starting to realize what’s going on.

9. Useful post-election suggestions for both Republicans and Democrats and the challenges they face, by E.J. Dionne.

10. I really like this one by Conor Friedersdorf on conservative achievements – or lack thereof – from Fox News and the like.

11. Good point on exit polls and television networks from Kevin Drum.

12. E.J. Graff interviews retiring Rep. Barney Frank. Overview here; full interview here. He’ll be missed.

13. Scott Lemieux is talking civil liberties and the value of opposition. He’s absolutely right.

14. And Fred Kaplan thinks John Kerry would be fine at State but a big mistake at Defense.