1. Today’s must-read is from Rany Jazayerli: How the GOP chased him (and other Muslims) out of the party.

2. Former CIA director David Petraeus went to the Hill today to discuss Benghazi in a closed session. Spencer Ackerman reports (and be sure to catch the update at the bottom).

3. E.J. Graff describes death by (abortion) ideology.

4. No, tax reform won’t create much growth, says Ezra Klein.

5. “If you’re 27 or younger, you’ve never experienced a colder-than-average month.” That’s from Grist’s Philip Bump, and it’s about global temperatures – no, it doesn’t count that the United States has had below-average months, or that you thought last Thursday was unusually chilly for early November.

6. Really important point from Matt Yglesias about budget hawks and long-term deficit projections: No one really has any idea, for example, of what kind of defense budget would be prudent in 2037. Bottom line: “when deficits are a problem — when excessive borrowing forces you into a sharp trade-off between crowding out of private investment and inflation — they’re a problem right away and you have to reduce borrowing right away.” Exactly. The long-term deficit stuff you hear is mostly hokum.

7. Liberals are celebrating “the new, progressive Congress.” Exactly right; Molly Ball reports.

8. Greg Giroux tweets: “California again will have more U.S. House Democrats (38) than any other state has districts (TX 36).”

9. Ed Kilgore on the various flavors of Republican self-examination – and why he doesn’t expect much change.

10. Others are more optimistic; Steve Kornacki takes signs of Republican change seriously.

I guess we’ll see. Note: The U.S. political system really does need two relatively healthy parties.

11. No sign of much hope in what Conor Friedersdorf hears about conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, and race.

12. Filibuster opponent Tim Noah takes aim. I’m disappointed to see that he considers a talking filibuster a reasonable compromise, however.

13. Speaking of which, I laid out the case for why that talking filibuster compromise would be a disaster. Following up to what I said at Plum Line yesterday.

14. As noted earlier: The big difference in Senate elections this year was recruitment. You also might know that a huge gap has opened up between the parties when it comes to women in Congress. These things are not necessarily unconnected. Oh, and they didn’t just happen. So check out this clip of Elizabeth Warren on Emily’s List.

15. And: Senate floor charts! Nice.