1. I hope everyone saw The Post’s excellent editorial today on the efforts to scapegoat Susan Rice.

2. Which goes with a very nice Scott Monje piece on confusion and Benghazi.

3. Paul Krugman on evidence, faith, and the Republican Party.

4. Behind Barack Obama’s campaign polling success, from Mark Blumenthal.

5. While Harry Enten looks at what Gallup got wrong.

6. And how Pennsylvania could be critical for Republicans in the future, from Nate Silver.

7. What’s next in economic policy? Brad DeLong has several suggestions.

8. The real problem? Republicans are so wrapped up in their pledges and their interest-group loyalty and their fear of primaries that they wind up supporting truly nutty policy proposals, as Kevin Drum explains.

9. I’m really glad that Ezra Klein has come to hate “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Now to get Senate Democrats to also hate “Mr. Smith.” I don’t agree with everything Klein says about filibusters, but everyone should agree that forcing “talking” filibusters is beside the point.

10. Yet even more from me about the talking filibuster.

11. And something fun for Thanksgiving weekend: the full story of that “WKRP” episode. Don’t know it? Watch more classic sitcoms!