1. What’s needed now on the budget deficit – and on Medicare and Medicaid is…patience. Jonathan Cohn makes the case in today’s must-read.

2. Today’s big filibuster news: the White House shows some support for Senate reform. Sam Stein got the story.

3. Top Congress scholar Sarah Binder is more optimistic about the effect of eliminating filibusters on the “motion to proceed” to a bill than I am — you should listen to her. My apologies for how wonkish and technical some of this gets, but the details matter a lot. A lot.

4. What’s next in the fight for marriage equality? E.J. Graff on the steps ahead.

5. After many, many, delays, the Senate has finally taken up the Defense Authorization bill; the National Security Network highlights the key issues.

6. Barack Obama, learning. Steve Kornacki explains.

7. Really good Matt Yglesias post against grand bargains.

8. While Stan Collender talks about Republican budget myths.

9. The continuing smear campaign against Susan Rice, from Steve Benen.

10. Since I’m always pushing a middle course on Senate reform, it’s worth linking to the other views. First, Nate Cohn suggests that liberals should embrace the filibuster.

11. While Alex Seitz-Wald makes the case for eliminating it altogether.

12. Just how tightly sealed can the conservative closed information loop get? Kevin Drum notes that it’s about as tight as you can get.

13. And a Hall of Fame voter gets sensible.