Jonathan Bernstein will be live-tweeting tonight’s GOP debate in Florida right here, and he’ll have reaction later on this blog.

For now, a few links to keep you going:

* Yikes! The pro-Newt Super PAC is up with an epic, over-the-top one-minute ad called “Blood Money” that throws everything in the oppo file at Mitt Romney.

Rick Tyler, who works for Winning Our Future, confirms the ad will air, but the size of the buy is still unknown.

* The Romney campaign is up with its own new ad hitting Gingrich over the alleged secret information from his ethics probe that Nancy Pelosi is allegedly harboring. (There is no such secret info.)

* Obama talks to ABC News about how hard he’s prepared to fight for a second term, and explains why Ginrich is wrong to label him a “food stamp president.”

* Dave Roberts has a nice piece on clean energy as a wedge issue that favors Dems, and the common ground it shares with taxing the rich as an issue that divides GOP and mainstream opinion.

* Gallup: 58 percent of Americans, and 61 percent of independents, want the federal government to step in to help stop next year’s expected spike in foreclosures.

* Interesting catch by the Obama-allied American Bridge: After the Romney campaign played up Romney’s confrontation with the Occupy protester as a crowning moment, he’s now claiming he wants to represent the “99 percent” as president.

* Romney, asked what he has done to advance the cause of conservatism, recently said: “Well, number one, I’ve raised a family.”

Jonathan Capehart rebuts: “then the gay male and lesbian couples currently raising more than 2 million children in the United States are conservatives, too.”

* The Gingrich campaign says it’s perplexed by Bob Dole’s assault on him today, which blamed him for Dole’s loss in 1996, which would be 15 years ago.

* Brand new NBC/WSJ poll of national Republicans: Gingrich 37; Romney 28.

* And while polls do show Romney likely to win Florida, but nationally, Gallup has him bumping back down to the familiar territory of 25 percent.

* And Kevin Drum, on the gnashing of teeth about Newt among conservative elites, and the difficulties they’re having in voting Newt off the island:

Conservatives think that listening to Newt is a hoot, and they love it when he gets the crowds wound up. The problem is that they never quite realized the crowd wasn’t in on the con. The rank-and-file actually took Newt seriously, and now party leaders have to figure out how to suck the fetid air back out of the Gingrich-inspired fever swamps without losing their core audience of old people and the white working class, who are voting for their side because they’re scared to death that Barack Obama is destroying western civilization.

What else?