Okay, so it seems some people out there are actually denying that Occupy Wall Street is doing anything at all to shift the debate on inequality and tax fairness.

So let’s take a look at this Quinnipiac poll that came out today on the nationally watched proposal in New Jersey to balance the state budget with a higher state tax on the wealthy — the so-called Millionaire’s Tax, which Governor Chris Christie has repeatedly oposed.

It turns out support for this tax is higher than ever, and Quinnipiac’s polling director, Maurice Carroll, thinks Occupy Wall Street might be the reason why:

To balance the state budget, New Jersey voters support 64-28 percent the so-called Millionaire’s Tax, up from a high of 55-34 percent February 10.

Support today is 82-13 percent among Democrats and 67-25 percent among independent voters, while Republicans are opposed 54-38 percent.

“Maybe it’s Occupy Wall Street or maybe Garden State voters just want to see the rich folks pay more, but support for the Millionaire’s Tax is 2-1, an all-time high,” Carroll said.

As it happens, even as support in New Jersey for the Millionaire’s Tax is rising, a majority of the state’s residents agree with those bedraggled Occupyers battling with cops and defecating everywhere on the other side of the river:

New Jersey voters agree 52-34 percent with the views of the Occupy Wall Street protestors. Agreement is 76-13 percent among Democrats and 52-31 percent among independent voters. Republicans disagree 68-21 percent

Surely this is all a coincidence. There’s no way these things could be related.

Readers, it’s time to start documenting little tells like this one from around the country. If you see anything in your states or districts that capture the ways the debate is shifting, please send them my way. You know where to find me.