In the end, it’s all coming down to the man who started it all: Scott Walker.

The recall fights in Wisconsin have entered their final, frenzied push, and the labor-backed group most heavily invested in this battle is going up on the air with a trio of closing ads that cast the recall elections as a referendum on the fellow who single-handedly turned Wisconsin into ground zero in a national class war and dress rehearsal for 2012.

Here’s We Are Wisconsin’s ad targeting GOP state senator Luther Olsen, who is key to Dem hopes of winning back the state senate:

With GOP state senators Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper likely to go down, Dems are zeroing in on Olsen as the third target they need to recall in order to take back the state senate from Republicans.

We Are Wisconsin is also up with a closing ad tying Walker to senator Sheila Harsdorf, another possibility for the third Dem victory, and another closing spot tying Walker to senator Alberta Darling, whose committee passed Walker’s original union busting proposals.

Dems have good reason to make the final vote all about Walker. If Dems do succeed in taking back the state senate, it’s hard to overstate what a rebuke it would be to Walker and the national GOP establishment that continues to rally around him. And the more Dems can cast the final outcome in such terms, the more likely it is they’ll be able to pivot from victory in these recalls to the next battle: The push to recall the man who got it all started.