Rick Klein flags a key moment in an ABC News interview with John Boehner in which he appears — at first glance, anyway — to be distancing himself a bit from Paul Ryan’s plan:

“Paul Ryan has an idea that’s certainly worthy of consideration in terms of how do we — how do we do this in a more efficient way?” said Boehner, R-Ohio.

“I’m for it,” Boehner continued. “It’s our idea. Right? It’s Paul’s idea. Other people have other ideas. I’m not wedded to one single idea, but I think it’s — we have a plan.”

Lefty groups are pouncing on the news as proof that the GOP leadership is feeling heat from the Dems’ campaign to hang Ryan’s plan around the necks of House GOPers.

But asked for comment, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel emails that Boehner is still 100 percent supportive of Ryan’s proposal:

“Boehner strongly supports the House Republican Budget put together by Chairman Ryan. If others have options that would preserve Medicare and Medicaid and put us on a path to pay down the debt, he’d love to see them. Thus far, the President has not offered such a plan.”

In fairness to Boehner, he’s probably right to be saying that he’s “not wedded to one single idea,” since Ryan’s plan is not a final proposal, but is meant to set parameters within which other House GOP-controlled committees will fill in details.

Either way, the politics of this are such that Dems and the left are likely to also pounce on Boehner’s reiteration of support for the Ryan proposal, because Dems want the House GOP to own it.