Chuck Grassley today:

As Romney speaks notice he is smart enough to do so wo TelePrompTer unlike Obama

No one really cares what Grassley says, but this is an excellent reminder of what’s to come. The truth is that Republicans have been on their best behavior for the last two weeks. Oh, it’s not as if the Republicans in Tampa stuck to the truth – remember, the entire theme of the convention was based on yanking a Barack Obama quotation out of context in order to change its meaning and mislead everyone about what Obama meant. But the crazy was under control. No birthers. No shots at Michelle Obama for, well, anything at all, at least not from the podium. After all, what was said from the podium (12 very strange and wonderful minutes of prime-time on the final night notwithstanding) was fully vetted and controlled and, in many cases, scripted by the Romney campaign.

That was then. Today, we have Grassley. And that’s not all! A memberof the House apparently introduced the Pledge of Allegiance as a “uniquely Republican thing” at a Paul Ryan event. And Sarah Palin said something.

All of which is to say: Outside of the convention podium, Team Romney can’t control the crazy. It was a problem for John McCain four years ago. Does anyone really believe the crazy has abated since 2008? I didn’t think so.

The election won’t turn on a few news cycles about birthers or light bulbs or whatever, but there are only two months to go, and Romney would like to get his message out. Expect, however, distractions. And Romney may not be ready for it.