Steve Benen is apparently surprised to find that torture apologist — should I say torture advocate? — John Yoo is making the rounds complaining about the death of Osama bin Laden.

For what it’s worth, this isn’t new at all. But it’s Friday, and a slow news afternoon, so I’m going to go ahead and mention that this was all pretty predictable. Indeed, I had identified three possible conservative responses to the death of bin Laden almost a year ago: (1) George W. Bush deserves all the credit; (2) bin Laden doesn’t matter, and the terrorists are still winning; and (3) killing them is worse than capturing them. So we’ve heard two of these three since Sunday. But what we haven’t heard, alas, is the super-genius (as I described it then) Andy McCarty special (courtesy there of Adam Serwer): that President Obama is fighting bin Laden because al Qaeda is passe, soObama is therefore actually trying to help the real Islamists. So my advice for everyone: That’s the one to look for.