The Obama campaign is set to run this very harsh ad in Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Virginia hitting Mitt Romney for planning to cut taxes deeply on the rich, voucherize Medicare, and roll back the regulations on banks that “crashed our economy”:

Mark Halperin says the Romney campaign will seize on the fact that the ad attacks Romney as evidence the Obama camp knows it’s losing. I don’t know who’s going to win, but all indications are that the Obama team does think the president is on track to win reelection, and this spot doesn’t suggest otherwise. The Obama campaign is also running a positive, minute-long ad touting the ongoing recovery and Obama’s plans for a second term. This latest is in keeping with the longtime push to make this a “choice” election, by spotlighting what Romney would, you know, actually do as president, hopefully preventing people from casting their vote based only on disillusionment with the status quo.

The ad is also meant to undermine Romney’s main message of the moment — that electing him means “big change.” Romney has had a good deal of success casting himself as the candidate of change in this race while simultaneously obscuring the true nature of his actual agenda. This ad is meant to hammer home what sort of change Romney does indeed represent.

The shot of Romney behind the car window — dramatizing that he’s disconnected from the lives of ordinary people — is an interesting touch.