What can you say about a debate in which one candidate had perhaps the worst moment ever in a presidential debate — Rick Perry’s brain freeze about the third of the three government agencies he wants to eliminate — and he didn’t even give the most embarrassing performance?

No, that would be Herman Cain. Look, he wasn’t going to be the nominee at any point during the cycle, and he certainly wasn’t going to be the nominee after it turned out he was an alleged serial sexual harasser. But after dragging American political rhetoric to a new low, referring to the House Minority Leader and a former speaker as “Princess Nancy,” it’s about time that Cain was called to account for insulting the American people and the political process for the farce that he’s engaging in. Whether it’s not knowing that China has nuclear weapons, or repeatedly botching his own position on abortion, or any of a number of other gaffes, Cain has made Perry look like a well-briefed genius throughout the campaign. And Wednesday night, he was even worse.

Yes, he’s that bad.

And so the debate season will continue. Can Perry’s campaign find a way to turn his inept performances into a plus? Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. No one else seems to be doing anything more than auditioning for a Fox News spot; unless I missed something, the only one during the entire session who even mildly attacked Mitt Romney was Jon Huntsman (on China-bashing), and he practically apologized for it while he was engaged in it.

Real candidates who are actually trying to win do more. Cain, Gingrich, Bachmann? Nope.

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