How seriously is the Romney campaign taking the Obama camp’s onslaught of attacks on his Bain years, now that multiple commentators and news orgs have decided it’s working?

Here’s one clue: If advertising data sent my way is any indication, the Romney campaign is now fully engaged in pushing back on the attacks in at least seven swing states.

The Romney campaign released an ad this morning pushing back hard on the Obama camp’s claims about his business background, citing fact checks to argue that “Obama’s dishonest campaign” is “another reason America has lost confidence in him.”

The Romney camp sometimes doesn’t release info on where its ads are running when it puts out the ads thesmselves to the press. But a Democratic source who reviewed ad buy information tells me the ad is running in multiple markets in every one of these states: Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

I asked the Romney camp to verify the info, and will update if I hear back.

This looks like some pretty significant pushback. If it had been a smaller buy, the ad might have been easier to dismiss as something intended for media consumption, or as an effort to quiet criticism from conservative commentators who are worried that the Romney camp has not shown itself willing to hit back hard against the Obama camp’s full-throttle effort to define him just as voters are tuning in.

But if this ad buy info is accurate — and if the ad is running for a significant amount of time — it may signal that the Romney camp has decided the onslaught against his business background may be working, or threatening to work, and now merits a serious escalation in engagement.