Mitt Romney is getting some media attention today for an op ed in today’s New Hampshire Union Leader claming that Obama is “not serious about America’s financial health.” But this might be the most newsworthy passage in Romney's piece:

Barack Obama is facing a financial emergency on a grander scale. Yet his approach has been to engage in one of the biggest peacetime spending binges in American history. With its failed stimulus package, its grandiose new social programs, its fervor for more taxes and government regulations, and its hostility toward business, the administration has made the debt problem worse, hindered economic recovery and needlessly cost American workers countless jobs.

Peacetime? I guess that’s an easy way to avoid mentioning that our fiscal problems have been badly exacerbated by the two wars Obama inherited from Bush (one of which Obama escalated), which have cost north of $1.5 trillion.

UPDATE: Steve Benen beat me to this one, and also skewered other aspects of the Op ed.