This is the third Thanksgiving Day of this blog’s existence, and I just wanted to take this moment to thank a few people. Thanks to those of our public officials and their aides who — whatever their flaws — are sincerely trying to do the right thing for our country’s future amid very dark and difficult political circumstances. Thanks for persevering in the face of overwhelming and deeply dispiriting levels of acrimony and cynicism.

Thanks to all the great writers and bloggers out there who are cutting through the noise on a daily basis. Thanks for resisting the destructive conventions of our discourse in order to bring us the unvarnished truth, day in and day out, about what’s actually happening in our politics right now. Reading all of you is an immense pleasure. Thanks to all the lay people out there who are doing their part — blog comments, emails, letters, chats, Tweets — to push the conversation, inch by inch, in a salutary direction.

And above all, thanks to all of this blog’s dedicated readers and commenters for making this gig so illuminating, rewarding, and fun. Without your constant flow of insight, humor, tips, constructive criticism, small corrections and big correctives — and merciless heckling — this blog simply wouldn’t be what it is or worth the time it takes to produce. Have a great holiday!