Today’s news from the 2012 GOP primary is that Michele Bachmann signed something called “The Marriage Vow,” a wacky production of Iowa social conservatives who want to defend marriage against divorce, pornography, gays and lesbians, Muslims, and other nefarious cosmopolitan influences. They’re against women in combat, too. Oh, and while they’re at it, they want to fire anyone in the military who is allowing “intrusively intimate commingling among attracteds,” which has to be the best phrase from the 2012 election cycle, so far.

Expect lots more of this. The real question is what Bachmann (and Cain, and Santorum) wouldn’t sign if asked by social conservatives — and what, if anything, Mitt Romney, or Tim Pawlenty, or Rick Perry would actually oppose as too extreme. The answer appears to be: nothing. It’s true that Bachmann is the only one to make this “vow” so ar. But it’s early yet.

It’s probably worth noting that the GOP is far, far, from the mainstream on these issues. It’s fairly well known that pluralities have now swung over to approval for same-sex marriage, but that one is still contested, so I wouldn’t call Bachmann and friends out of the mainstream on that one. But on the rest…well, people seem to support women in combat overwhelmingly, for example. And while I’m not sure how they feel about “intrusively intimate commingling among attracteds,” I’m fairly confident that no one is going to run for president on an anti-smut platform in hopes of winning swing voters.

Reminder: we still have months remaining for the candidates to bid against each other for the support of these folks. This is only going to get more extreme — and more crazy.